Product Visibility in E-Commerce: 4 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

Product visibility online is essential, just as it is in physical stores.

Put simply, if customers can’t see the goods you offer, they simply won’t buy them. It’s not as tough to get a top spot on the shelves as it is to rank high on a shopping search engine, such as Google or Amazon.

The success formula for excellent visibility in brick-and-mortar shops is very straightforward: have appealing packaging, an eye-level placement on the shelf that draws 35% more attention from buyers than products placed lower, and all other so-called visual merchandising techniques intact.

However, conquering virtual shelves is a difficult task for an online retailer, as different factors come into play when seeking to raise product exposure.

In this blog, we’ll focus on tried-and-true strategies that can help boost your product’s visibility and revenues.

1. Quality Product Images and Visuals

The online market is as large as it is highly competitive – there is no room for mediocre visuals and poor-quality pictures. As a matter of fact, 93% of shoppers believe that the quality of visual materials is one of the most important factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions.

Similarly, the Google Consumer study found that 50% of individuals think that high-quality images assist them in deciding what to buy. Undeniably, high-quality visuals are essential, as they not only draw target customers to your products but also communicate important information that increases confidence in your brand. By experimenting with lines and spacing, online merchants can develop engaging images that captivate target customers, thus boosting conversions and sales.

2. Amplified Product E-Content

The importance of high-performance content, especially catchy but keyword-rich product titles and descriptions, cannot be overstated. For example, when potential customers are looking for a product on Amazon, one of the first things that capture their attention is the title.

Furthermore, it was shown that optimized product titles that are descriptive, relevant, and focused on buyers’ intent result in a 151% increase in clicks, a 47% rise in click-through rate (CTR), and a 28% reduction in cost-per-click (CPC).

Product titles are critical if you want to improve the visibility of the items you sell. For instance, Amazon ranks your products in relevant search results based on their titles. Thus, the secret to performing well in search engines is to find the perfect mix between keywords and essential information that your target consumers want to know.

3. Get Your SEO Practices Right

If you don’t optimize your listings for search engines, you run the danger of your products being invisible. As a business, you want to have better organic rankings and maximum product visibility. This is why you should customize your product data by adding highly searchable keywords if you want your products to be noticed by customers.

Making use of product meta tags is also key, as they assist search engines in comprehending and indexing your web pages better in the long run. Certain tags help website visitors understand your page’s content and improve click rates.

4. Optimized Listings for Mobile Shoppers

Consumers are purchasing goods on the move more than ever before, which means shopping is no longer restricted to a single location. Hence, despite all the efforts by the retailer to produce high-quality images and impeccable product descriptions, listings that are not optimized for mobile phone users will fail to raise your product’s visibility.

When it comes to selling online, you don’t want to scare away mobile customers; instead, you want to entice them to your listings. It’s critical for your e-commerce sales to reach the 69.4% of internet users who utilize their phones to make online purchases. As a result, your product listings must be well-organized, with additional bullets and images that have a suitable resolution for the mobile device’s screen.

Final Thoughts

Running an e-commerce store in a saturated market is challenging. You may have a great product or service to offer, but your prospective consumers can’t discover you without keyword integration.

Written and visual content that is packed with relevant keywords and optimized for all types of customers can work wonders for improving the exposure of your products and brand – ultimately boosting your online sales.

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