Boring Content Is Banned

(We’re Only Interested in Writing Content With Personality, Thanks)

We’ve all been to that party. The one where you start chatting to someone and, before you know it, two hours have passed, you know each other’s life stories, and you’ve signed up to adopt a puppy together. Well, perhaps not quite the puppy. But what you did do is make a connection. Something about each of you spoke to the soul of the other, and you clicked.

That’s what effective brand content does. It makes a meaningful connection with your customers in a way that goes beyond a string of words describing your products or services. While Google search might operate on complex computer algorithms, the human brain inside your customer ultimately works on an emotional level.

For Effective Marketing, Copywriting Needs Personality

Great SEO will get you to the top of Google search pages and drive organic growth. But, emotion is what drives your customers’ behavior. Content that taps into emotions will influence whether we buy a product, subscribe to a service, or sign up for a course. You need content that speaks to hearts as well as heads.

The most compelling brand content strategy aligns your brand’s values with your customers’ values. How? By showing your true personality. Words that portray who you have the power to make connections. Openness about your beliefs and mission, about why you started out in the first place, drives trust and loyalty.

When we feel an affinity for a brand, we are more likely to buy into it and return to it in the future.

Think Beyond Your About Us Page

This openness isn’t just reserved for the ‘About Us’ or ‘Our Mission’ page of your website. Of course, those pages play a key role in telling your brand story – but your personality, mission, and values need to shine through in everything you do – from product descriptions and homepage content to emails and social posts.

If you’re working with a content marketing agency, you need to make sure you share as much about the background of your brand as the details of the services you provide. Who you are is rooted in the whys. Why you set up your business, why you care, and why you operate as you do.

Be You. That’s How To Write Engaging Content.

We’re not saying that all this content has to be quirky, exuberant, or outwardly ‘fun’. Personality covers all manner of sins. You can be serious and authoritative, or caring and earnest — whatever, deep down, makes your brand unique.

What matters is that you speak to the heart of your target customers. That your brand values and identity sing through in your words. That’s why we’ve banned boring copy. Because generic writing makes you sound like everyone – or anyone – else.

Let’s get back to the party. Your words — your brand content — are there, suited and booted with a martini in hand, trying to make connections. Showing who you really are isn’t a weakness. Don’t let your brand be that person with the awkward conversation who is instantly forgotten.

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