5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Selling on Amazon

There is a giant in the world of e-commerce, and your business could be ignoring it at your peril.

If you are keen to increase sales, reach new customers, or enter new marketplaces, there are a few places to turn. But, none is as potentially lucrative for the small online business as selling on Amazon.

The global e-commerce colossus saw profits increase by over 200% during the pandemic, as customers turned to digital shopping in droves. Can you afford to miss out? Here are our top reasons to start selling on Amazon. And how you can get Amazon working for your business.

What Are the Benefits of Selling on Amazon Marketplace? The Enormous Potential Audience

There’s a reason even the big brands are selling on Amazon: Its mind-bendingly enormous customer base spanning markets worldwide. We can’t overestimate just how huge Amazon’s reach is. Let’s take a look at the stats:

  • Amazon handles a whopping 47% of global e-commerce.
  • 200 million people worldwide are Amazon Prime members
  • The site receives 240 million unique visitors per month from the US alone.
  • In 2021, Amazon had a net yearly sales revenue of almost $470 billion.

Building Trust

Customers are more likely to buy from a brand they know and trust. And there aren’t many brands as omnipresent as Amazon. Let Amazon’s marketplace clout get your customers across the buying line while you work on building your own brand recognition.

You’ll Tap Into Current Consumer Trends

E-commerce is big right now. Really big. And Amazon’s one-stop-shop dominance of the online retail market won’t diminish anytime soon. Amazon helps you ride the post-pandemic online shopping wave. Notably, some product types are also experiencing Amazon booms. So, if you sell books, games, pet supplies, supplements, or home improvement products, then Amazon could offer a lucrative opportunity.


Selling on Amazon enables you to scale your product range as and when you need. The site can handle sudden increases in demand or changes in your product inventory levels.

If selling on Amazon is working well and you want to start rapidly growing your business, consider the Fulfilment By Amazon feature. This lets you store your products in the Amazon warehouse to be packed and shipped by the online giant. Fulfilment By Amazon company will also take care of customer service for you too.

Low Initial Outlay

Set-up costs for small businesses wanting to start selling on Amazon are low. However, be aware that being on Amazon and selling successfully on Amazon are not the same thing. The latter takes time, some serious competitor research, and inside knowledge on how to optimize your listings correctly.

How To Start Selling On Amazon

Getting started as an Amazon small business is the easy part. However, just because your product is available doesn’t mean it will sell. How do you make sure you are ranked to appear on the first page of the listings? Or, even better, how do you make sure your product owns the much-coveted ‘Buy Box’?

Making Money On Amazon

Ready to start selling on Amazon? Here are our top tips to help you start making money,

  • Sell private label products through Amazon’s fulfillment network. Amazon will look after the picking, packing, shipping, and customer services on your behalf.
  • Sell wholesale through the fulfillment network. That’s where you buy up goods produced by other companies in bulk, then sell them to customers through Amazon’s network.
  • Work with an Amazon listing service to optimize how you are selling on Amazon.

Why Use Amazon Listing Services 

Amazon listing services have the expertise and knowledge to help your products perform. Increasing sales and profits for you. Here’s how:

  • Here at Wizeo, for example, we know which words and phrases Amazon bans, how to conduct keyword research, how to keep your products relevant, and how to optimize your listings to appear higher up the rankings. Did you know that over half of Amazon customers will only scroll through the first two pages of listings?
  • 82% of customers read the full Amazon listing before buying. Copywriting experts will make your listing sing with persuasive, engaging language.
  • Amazon listing services mean your business is rapidly scalable. Professional listing services can react quickly if you need to add more products.

The Benefits Of Selling On Amazon: In Summary

Selling on Amazon offers a potentially lucrative opportunity for e-commerce businesses. While you’ll need to let go of some control over pricing, you gain a huge customer reach and can leverage Amazon’s brand trust to help your products fly off the shelves.

For the best return on investment, consider using an Amazon Listing Service, like Wizeo, to ensure your listings are optimized to rank highly, driving the best possible sales and profits.

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