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Content for a Cause

As part of our efforts to give back in the field of education, we have partnered with Pahar Trust Nepal to build schools and develop teacher training programs in remote, mountainous communities.

Around four out of five people of Nepal’s 30,000,000 population live in rural contexts. These hard-to-reach communities face many challenges; from access to education and quality healthcare, urban migration, overseas labor work, and climate change.

The 2015 major earthquake in Nepal tragically killed around 9000 people and destroyed 8,500 schools and 30,000 classrooms. Around half of these schools have been rebuilt or repaired but there are still many thousands of children in Nepal who are not able to access safe educational facilities.

It is our firm belief that every child deserves an education, and through our efforts, we hope to make a huge difference in Nepalese lives.

Pahar Trust Nepal’s Mission & Objectives

Pahar Trust Nepal helps to improve education, health, and sanitation facilities for disadvantaged communities in Nepal. They provide some of the world’s poorest children with a high standard of education and support them in realizing their potential, while also building skills and resilience within communities to improve their sustainability and opportunities to develop.


Build safe, secure, and comfortable schools, and support teachers to provide high-quality education.


Provide and improve access to health services and advice to isolated rural communities.

Water & Sanitation

Ensure that all schools have sanitation facilities, and provide safe water supplies to communities.
Integrates your tools

Our first mission is to build a six-classroom school in the Pokhara region — made possible by you.

For every order placed, we put money towards building our very first school. Our project is scheduled to kick off in September 2023, so we’re gearing up for the big day.

With every piece of content ordered through Wizeo, you’ll move us one step closer to our goal.